One of the centre's ongoing quality improvement goals this year is to redevelop and establish smaller play spaces within the large outdoor play environment of the Preschool (3-5 year) room. Our emphasis is on creating natural inviting areas that appeal to the children's interests, creativity and investigation and reflective of our centre philosophy.
The educators continue to be passionate about continuing to develop a "home like" environment for children and families to share.

Goal: To complete the refresh of the 3-5 year playground to incorporate smaller play spaces and learning centres within the larger space.


-The planning and redesign stages began in February 2017. This process began with a brainstorming meeting with all educators. From this we collected images to create a scrap book of ideas. This was then discussed with the preschool children to enable their vital influence and ownership of their environment. 

- April-May: The Garden Makers, our designers, come out for a meeting and to survey the site. We share feedback and they begin to draw up plans .

- June-July: Prepare and send final application to NSW Heritage Council.

- December 2017: Approval from NSW Heritage Council is received.

- January-February 2018: Prepare additional documentation to lodge with Inner West Council.

- March 2018: Development Application rejected by Inner West Council.

- March-May 2018: Compile newly identified documentation from council in order to resubmit Development Application.     

- 8th June 2018: DA resubmitted!!!

 We will keep you updated along our journey.