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Munch and Move at RCCC

We are always participating in Munch and Move programs and professional development, we get our menu's endorsed by Munch and Move who are are a NSW Health organisation. WE recently sent our menu's in for reassessing, they gave some great feedback and we altered a few things and have been given a Certificate of Compliance through a menu that provides:

- Lean red meat at least 6 times a fortnight

- Extra iron food is served on the days red meat is served

- Lean white meat or vegetarian meals based on cheese, tofu or legumes is included in the menu at least 4 times a week

- Two extra iron foods served with white meat or vegetarian meals 

- A high vitamin C fruit or vegetable is served with vegetarian meals

- The menu includes 2 serves of vegetables daily

- The menu includes 1 serve of daily fruitThe menu includes 1 serve of dairy foods daily

- The menu includes at least 2 serves of grain foods, with at least one serve of high fibre grain foods, vegetables or fruit

- Mid meals are planned on the menu as part of the total day's intake and include a variety of grains, vegetables or fruit.

- Water is offered at all meals

- Juice is not offered on the menu

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