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Some ideas for home for our early learners

During this time of uncertainty, where we are spending more of our time at home, the team has compiled a list of experiences and ideas for our early learners and families to do to keep the connection between the service and home.

They consist of our favourite songs, books, experiments and experiences that you could do with your child.

We’d love any feedback, photos or stories of your child involved in any of these with you.

0-2 year ideas:

Children’s favourite songs that can be located on Spotify or Apple music:

  • Hop little bunnies

  • Playschool singing: twinkle twinkle; baa baa black sheep; row row your boat; galump went the ---little green frog; hey diddle diddle; incy wincy spider.

  • Open shut them

  • Ring a rosie

  • The Wiggles singing: the wheels on the bus; heads shoulders knees and toes; hot potato

  • Jingle Jam singing: action song; clap stamp shake; freeze

Children’s favourite stories:

  • five little ducks

  • the wheels on the bus

  • where is the green sheep

  • I love animals.These stories can also be accessed on Youtube.

Other finger plays and rhymes we do:

  • This little piggy went to market: on fingers and toes

  • Round and round the garden: played on a child’s hand

  • Where is thumbkin

  • Here is the beehive, where are the bee?

  • Ram sam sam

2-3 year ideas:

  • Collage: Self portraits

  • Playdough: the ingredients on how to make it are on the side of the cream of tartar

  • Games: sleeping bunnies and Mr Clown

  • Sensory Painting: wiped cream or shaving cream

  • Volcanoes: using bicarbonate soda and vinegar

  • Sensory bag: colour mixing

  • Threading

  • Mosaics: collecting items from Bunnings

  • Science experiments

3-5 year ideas:

  • Draw/Make puppets of your favourite story and act the out. Some of our favourites include: Three little pigs; The Gruffalo; Rainbow Fish.

  • Bake a cake or include your child in cooking dinner

  • Write a letter to a family member or friend

  • Do a puzzle

  • Build a fort using couch cushions and sheets

  • Spend time in the garden and pull out some weeds

  • Make playdough (the recipe is on the back of the Cream of Tartar- an ingredient used to make playdough)

  • Sit or lie in a dark room and listen to a meditation

  • Take part in yoga on Youtube- pokemon is one of our favourites.

  • Dance to the Dolphins spotify playlist

  • Research on Pinterest. There are free resources on Twinkle and Scholastic. Type key words in such as “stem”, “engineering” and “science” for kids.

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