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RCCC Management Committee

As a parent you are encouraged to join the Rozelle Child Care Centre Company by filling in a form when enrolling your child.  This entitles you to attend management meetings, to vote for and to stand for election to the Management Committee. 


The Management Committee is a crucial part of the Centre's operation and is responsible for governance, policy direction, for financial management, for ensuring the legal requirements are met and collectively participate in staff selection.

The Director is appointed by the Committee to whom it delegates day to day management of the highlights over the .

The Management Committee highlights since 2012 have included:

- Redeveloping all three outdoor learning environments & play spaces, in addition to the front communal garden. This involved a strong involvement in the design process, council development application and overseeing the construction process.

- Working on grant applications to assist in funding parts of the redevelopment of all the outdoor learning environments.

- Supporting the service in the achievement of being awarded an Exceeding Rating, over the course of two Assessment and Rating Processes.    

- Reviewing and updating our service constitution. 

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